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Make peace with Covid-19


Often we hear the words or sentences "Making peace with Covid-19". What is meant by that? Isn't Covid-19 supposed to fight?

The meaning behind the meaning of reconciliation is that we must adapt to change our lifestyle by implementing strict, correct, disciplined health protocols.

Like wearing a mask when leaving the house, diligently washing hands, not close or in contact with others, keep a distance between each other and so forth.


What was done for the workers / employees during the Peace Period with Covid-19?

As workers or employees in the period of making peace with Covid 19, remain in a position of vigilance and do not be careless. Even though they carry out their duties and responsibilities as company employees, they still don't forget the health protocol.

Be diligent in washing your hands or using Hand Sanitizer


Take vitamins and be diligent in sports


Maintain communication distance with other employees


Do not take off the mask when working



Always do a clean lifestyle

Returning from work or office should immediately take a shower and change clothes

which has been used before making direct contact with the family at home.