Established in 1982 on a 5,000 m2 outdoor fabrication plant & product "JHS Wedge Joint System", for joint of square pre-cast pre-stressed piles. After a short period of time, PT. SAETI CONCRETINDO WAHANA has extended its products profile to pre-cast pre-stressed square concrete pile, concrete sheet pile, mini triangular pile, beam/girder, pre-cast pre-stressed concrete fences. The latest concrete product are "JHS Coulomb-Slab Building System" for multi building and "Cermaton" system for soil improvement.
PT. SAETI CONCRETINDO WAHANA, is a limited privately-owned company, operate in Indonesia. Thousand of projects of pre-cast pre-stressed we did in the past from :* Chemical Plants* Oil refinery* Pulp and Paper Mills* Cement Plants* Glass Factories* Highways* Bridges* Office & Apartment Building* Super malls* Hospitals* Low Rise Housing* Major sea Port* EtcToday we also produce steel concrete mould for JHS Coulomb Slab System Building.
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