PT. SAETI CONCRETINDO WAHANAPRECAST PRESTRESSED CONCRETE FLAT SHEET PILEPC Flat Sheet Pile are suitable for soil retaining structures. It is often used for port structures (jetties, sea walls, breakwaters) river revetment, sewerage, earth retaining walls and many other uses.ADVANTAGES OF PC FLAT SHEET PILEHigh strength and high qualityHigh performance and economicsCompletely free from rust and corrosionEasier handling and transporting with excellent workabilityEasy to install with high driving accuracySmall displacement (deflection) at the head of sheet pilesNote:Concrete compressive strength at 28 days is 500 kg/cm (cube test)Strand grade: uncoated seven wire strands grade 270 (ASTM A416-99)Sheet piles can be custom made to meet client.
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